• Ice for first 48 hours (30mins on 30mins off)
  • Do NOT blow your nose.  Sniff back only and wipe end of nose
  • No Smoking for 48hours
  • Nosebleeds are normal and may occur up to several days following surgery. Treat by leaning head back, apply ice and direct pressure. Do not be alarmed by the presence of bone granulas.  Some drainage is normal from the nose and mouth. Just wipe away.
  • Try to avoid sneezing. However, if one comes on, sneeze through your mouth. Do NOT pinch your nose.
  • Severe cheek swelling is normal following this procedure. If your eyes swell shut please contact the office 780-422-7674
  • Use over the counter Actified and Sudafed for one week.

Please call the office during regular business hours for further instruction or the personal cell number that the doctor has provided you.