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Who Can Get Dental Implants?

Many people are good candidates for dental implants. If you are missing teeth and, are generally in good health and have enough bone in your jaw, you are probably suited for dental implants. If the bone in your jaw has degenerated or is underdeveloped, bone grafting may be feasible. As with any treatment, a consultation with a dentist is required to assess your particular situation and the appropriateness of dental implants to you.

How Long do Dental Implants Last?

Everyone is different, but with proper maintenance and oral care (very much the same as caring for natural teeth with a toothbrush and floss), dental implants can last a lifetime. The dentists at 7th Street Dental can help you to understand the proper care and set realistic expectations for your treatment and ongoing care.

Your dentist can answer any questions you may have about dental implants and whether they are an appropriate treatment option for you. Call or email 7th Street Dental to speak to a friendly team member and set up an appointment for your dental implant assessment.

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